Announcing new National Chair and Executive Committee members

Thank you to all the members who participated in the recent elections!  APAEA is pleased to announce the election results for new executive committee members!  Elizabeth Berger will serve as the next National APAEA Chair,  and the incoming executive committee members are Chinling Chen, Annette Delos-Santos, and Sharon Yeh.  All four will serve two year terms beginning in January 2014 and will join the continuing Executive Committee members, Robin Gyorgyfalvy and Wes Wong.  This new group will offer an excellent balance of knowledge to continue the momentum of APAEA’s 2013 activities and infusion of fresh ideas and expertise.  Congratulations to our newly elected leaders!  Please feel free to contact any of the Executive Committee members with questions, ideas, and offers to get involved!

The three outgoing 2011-2013 officers were key to revitalizing APAEA and helping gain formal USDA recognition. Outgoing national Chair Yewah Lau, and outgoing Executive Committee members, Cliff Alagar and Aleta Eng, each uniquely increased APAEA’s visibility within the Forest Service and USDA. Their contributions will continue to help serve APAEA and the agency in the future.

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