Appreciation for John Kusano, inspiring and transformational leader

A key APAEA founder, John Kusano, is retiring! Join a mentoring/retirement celebration webinar in John’s honor, Wednesday, January 8th (10am-11:30 PST/1pm-2:30pm EST) to send him off, as well as hear what wisdom he can share with us about his career in the Forest Service and involvement in APAEA. 


  John advised many APAEA members and other USFS employees. John had considered mentoring “the most important thing I do during the course of my day.” Congratulations John! 

Click poem above for more info (haiku by Robin Gyorgyfalvy) -> Events page

John will share wise career advice that he is known for with us on Wednesday, January 8, 10-11:30am PST (1-2:30pm EST). APAEA members – Watch your email for details to connect – or use the contact form below.

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