How might you improve your chances at recruiting and retaining Asian Pacific American employees?  Here are some resources that might help:

Create a local APAEA chapter — thinking locally and globally, like Bend/Ft. Rock RD (Deschutes NF)‘s HAPA’EA chapter. This employee group draws in cross-cultural arts, Asian American history, local sense of place, and international linkages. Initiated by the friendly and innovative Robin Gyorgyfalvy, APAEA Executive Committee member, this local chapter supports Asian Pacific American employees and communities in Bend, Oregon.

What do the experts say?

Esdaille, Milca. 2004. Effective diversity councils and affinity groups transform diversity from obligatory mantra to personal experience — and measurable business results. Human Resource Executive Online.

Omi, Philip N, Richard M Suinn, and Joyce K Berry. 1996. Asian American attitudes and values toward natural resource studies/careers. Submitted to the Journal of Forestry.

Roy, Jeffrey M. 2008. Identifying factors influencing Asian American diversity in the San Gabriel Fire Department. San Gabriel Fire Department. San Gabriel, CA.

Example of increasing interest in FS careers through outreach:

Chinese Aurora Passport in Time project on the Humbolt-Toiyabe NF –

Other outreach ideas:

  • If you are near Asian/Pacific American population centers, consider having an FS booth at cultural events.  Events like dragon boat festivals may be great places to recruit students for positions like trail crew or wildland fire fighters.  It also provides an opportunity to talk to other family members about the agency and potential career paths to help gain acceptability.
  • Consider job postings at community centers or in newspapers that cater to Asian/Pacific Islander populations.

How biases and stereotypes can cause us to miss great talent:


We also welcome your input on how the US Forest Service might improve its hiring and recruitment of Asian-Pacific American employees.

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