2014 – 2015

APAEA Member Survey Responses

Members were polled for what they wanted to see from APAEA and general feedback, December 2013

Download survey responses (pdf).

1) What would you like to see from APAEA in 2014 and 2015?

  • Can we organize a national event (training or diversity mtg) that could bring APAEA members together?
  • Face-to-face APAEA get together for: networking, work session, talk story/comraderie/community building, resource sharing, etc.
  • Increased participation takes a commitment from both the leadership team and individual members. I’d like to see the leadership time take the time to plan out how to get the most out of current and future membership and begin to hold members accountable for participation.
  • Leadership workshop(s). Running one, or at least spreading the word on upcoming leadership classes around the country, internal and external.
  • Advocacy of FS divisions and units to hire diversity.The federal govt needs help with attracting Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders into fed govt.
  • Sister City development/enhancement
  • 1) Informing our fellow coworkers of the unjust treatment of Asian immigrants in building the US, and 2) Celebrating the vast Asian American history and current contributions in natural resource management, agriculture, and society in the US.
  • A push for additional Pathways Career students.
  • Despite the budget cap, the opportinuty to detail to other regions to be able to have a face to face interaction with APAEA members.will surely help.
  • Promote diversity in the workforce, mentoring high school students, and establishing sister communities of other agencies/communities.
  • It isn’t clear that the membership is open to everybody, regardless of ethnic background. I’d like to see it open to everybody if not. Also, we are missing some potential members of Asian descent because many half Asian members or Fillipino members are assumed to be Hispanic, but I’m not sure they were every given invitations. Is there a member directory that could be emailed out? (Not a link–Oftentimes, connections are slow so I don’t hit links.)
  • Keep up the good work! Continue to inform members of opportunities for professional development. Keep up the progress with the mentorship project and liasion position. Seek opportunities to host local APAEA events where members have the opportunity to meet and network while minimizing the travel cost.
  • Continuing support for outreach into the community and internally with gov employees.
  • Additional collaboration between APAEA and similar groups in other areas.
  • Probably more networking opportunities and outreach.
  • 🙂
  • Increased connection to International Programs
  • I like that there is more engagement from our local forest and participation from diverse backgrounds, not just asian backgrounds. It is nice to be involved.
  • I would like to see continued outreach to people who may not look like APAEA members but may have strong ties to the APAEA community.
  • It just seems its hard to get people engaged. Including myself. Trying to get more than just a few people engaged is something that I would like to see.
  • Continue to connect with Asian Pacific Americans as individuals and as a community. Improving diversity and roadblocks in the Forest Service.
  • career development webinar series. networking opportunities.
  • I would like to see more engagement and interaction between the executive committee and members in terms of working on projects together.
  • National leadership in the agency conecting to asian communities.
  • Continued information about recruitment efforts and opportunities.
  • More outreaches for engineering positions GS 11 and above
  • engaging membership, community building among APAEA members
  • Tools and information on how to better promote APAEA’s mission and vision in our own communities and workplaces.
  • More action and visibility on the ground through positive messages and examples
  • More local chapters with community involvement.
  • I’m new to the Forest Service.
  • Information about job details to the Pacific.
  • More mentoring and communications for APAEA employees
  • Be relevant to employees and the resources we manage
  • 1. Involvement with the proposed Chinese Tour in California. 2. Identify APAs who have taken the leadership training. This is important because APAs’ participation rates are very low or absent in upper level management. 3) A way to enter on the website some outreach for positions. 4) Identify who is looking for detail and permanent employment opportunities.
  • A national or regionally sponsored meeting for members.
  • More notifications (e-mail) of local events that may interest Asian Pacific Americans in the federal government.
  • More a physical presence from APAEA would be good; it is mostly a virtual existence here in R6/PNW. Posters at locations, events sponsored by a local APAEA member, etc.
  • I am fine with the current program.
  • leadership developemnt and details in the WO for APAEA members
  • I am a new member, I am not sure what APAEA should do as a whole, but I enjoy the guest speakers our local chapter has and look forward to being a more active member in the coming year.
  • Make sure to focus on “big picture” items. Don’t get bogged down in little details.
  • Training of other APAEA members on outreach/mentorship.
  • More participatiom from rest of association. Facilitate networking among association.
  • Involvement of more APAEA members
  • Organizing more activities
  • Innovative ideas on how to better engage APA employees in activities that benefit their careers and benefit the agency.

2) Any other suggestions or feedback for APAEA?  e.g. How has the APAEA network helped you? How can we improve our website? Do you have a favorite recipe you could share?

  • Look for ways to partner with other employee resource groups; build strength by working with others.
  • Personal relationships through APAEA continue to provide affirming support and help my career.
  • keep suggestion box open on website for feedback 24/7. No time to think right now. sorry.
  • I am new to APAEA.
  • Go APAEA!!! I’d like to think that we are a hardworking group of employees and we do not take things for granted.
  • I don’t know the structure of the organization–but I think it would be better to have more of a representative executive body–WO rep, Regional Representative (maybe # of reps by # of employees), and Program Reps from Units, e.g., Admin, FAM, Rec, Eng, Resource, PAO, LEO, Civil Rights/HR,
  • The professional development webinar on resume writing was very helpful. I missed the one for interviewing, but I appreciate that the information was posted online. Please continue to provide these opportunities. Mahalo!!
  • I hope you share the valuable advice collected from this survey with us! What a good idea.
  • I haven’t been very engaged and that is my fault. I don’t have anything else to share at this point.
  • Keep website updated.
  • Great job APAEA!
  • This is a great group of dedicated people and associating with this group has helped me immensely. Updating the website often so it is an active tool would be great.
  • I am a white male ready to retire. The change really needs to occur within the organization through dialogue. Bigotry will, unfortunately, reside in our organization in a hidden way. Dialogue is much more powerful than affirmative action, which can be a detriment as well as a benefit. Everybody needs opportunities.
  • I enjoy reading and just being in the loop of what’s going in the APAEA area. I do visit the website often.
  • APAEA has been great in re-establishing the organization and expanding its networks.
  • APAEA has been very helpful at getting the attention of upper level FS management in API affairs/issues.
  • Broaden real engagement beyond elected members. Provide opportunities for APA employees to step up and make a difference.

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