APAEA’s Partner Resource List project

The APAEA committee is launching the APAEA Partner Resource List to provide a central networking tool that assists current and retired USFS staff in collaborating with external partners serving APA communities throughout the nation.  As a result of this resource, we hope to:

  • Expand employee collaboration with APA serving organizations
  • Provide resource for recruitment and outreach
  • Promote greater awareness of and increase APA partnerships throughout the nation
  • Share cultural awareness and cross cultural sensitivities
  • Maximize marketing opportunities
  • Recognize emerging issues

We are in the process of adding organizations to the list and want to hear from you!  Help us grow the network by sharing information about other APA serving partner organizations. 

Fill out the blank APA Partnership List Template and email directly to Aleta Eng or apaea@fs.fed.us for inclusion.  Aleta will contact the external organization directly to receive approval to post contact information.  

The partner organization information on the list includes:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Description
  • Projects
  • Audience served
  • Program focus
  • Organization contact (Name and work email)
  • Recruitment contact (Name and work email, if different from organization contact) for information on US Forest Service temporary or permanent positions.

The words “partnership” and “partners” are used in a broad way to describe relationships between the people, organizations, agencies, and communities that work together and share interests. The Forest Service regularly works in partnership with other entities, including tribes, states, federal agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and communities.  Federal policy defines partnerships as “arrangements that are voluntary, mutually beneficial, and entered into for the purpose of mutually agreed upon objectives.” In this definition, “mutual benefit” specifically means that each partner shares in the benefits the project provides.  – More information can be found in the US Forest Service Partnership Guide at http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5193234.pdf

For organizations interested in being added to our partner resource list —  Please confirm by email that (organization name) agree to have information made available through the APAEA Partner Resource List. Please also confirm that the information listed, particularly the contact information, is correct, or provide any corrections or updates.  Because this information will be publicly available, we recommend that a business email address be used as a contact point wherever possible. 

If you have any questions about the APAEA Partner Resource List or would like to request a copy, please contact Aleta Eng or email apaea@fs.fed.us.

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