How to conduct/handle interviews

On June 18, 2013, APAEA was a cosponsor of a workshop on how to conduct/handle interviews.  Here is information about the workshop with a link to the webinar and handouts.

Link to recorded webinar

Workshop Materials (click on the links below)

About the session

After successfully being referred to the hiring official because of your stellar resume, the last remaining hurdle to getting the job you desire is the job interview. If you are searching for any additional tips that will increase your chances of getting the job during the interview, then join us for this workshop from the federal job perspective.

 This workshop will cover the steps to follow in order to make preparations before the interview, as well as what to expect during the entire interview process.

 You will learn:

  • How to address the employer’s needs
  • How to prepare for the interview
  • How to respond to different types of interview questions
  • How to conduct yourself in an interview

 About the Guest Speaker

Jake Faibisch has more than 15 years of experience helping agricultural and conservation-focused organizations achieve success through leadership development, educational programming, effective communication, marketing, and information technology. He is the USDA lead for supervisor training and development at the USDA Virtual University. Jake has provided consulting services in management, organizational development, and leadership development to senior leaders from more than 35 state and Federal agencies. A wildlife biologist by training, Jake holds a Master of Public Administration in Public Management and Leadership from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from University of Vermont.

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