What is APAEA?

The Asian Pacific American Employees Association is a voluntary employee organization in the U.S. Forest Service.  We believe diversity is a source of strength and is an asset to our agency.  We demonstrate these values through our accomplishments.

Our identities provide global and national perspectives on land, natural resources, civil rights, and workforce management. We honor the past and present achievements and contributions of Asian/Pacific Islanders who serve the Agency in “Caring for the Land and Serving People”.

We strive for common ground, and proactively address opportunities and resolution.  We promote inclusive engagement and collaboration among Forest Service employees, Agency leadership, and our Asian/Pacific Islander public. Our actions bridge social and cultural differences.

Why should you join APAEA?

APAEA actively recruits new members to join the organization (currently 130 members). Some of the benefits of membership include opportunities for networking, leadership training, mentoring and information sharing.  APAEA strives to build a pipeline for the next generation of APA leaders in the Forest Service.  We organize quarterly webinars to engage our current members, reach out to the under-served communities (internal and external) and break new grounds in achieving the goals of cultural transformation.

How can you join APAEA?

For current Forest Service employees, please visit our Sharepoint site to sign up!  You must be on the FS network to access our Sharepoint.

For non-FS members, please go to http://www.apaea.org/membership/ to fill out your membership form online or download the form and email it back to apaea@fs.fed.us.

Beyond basic contact information, we’d like to learn more about you to better facilitate networking opportunities among APAEA members.

Our Mission

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A brief history of APAEA

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Constitution and bylaws