Call for Nominations: National Chair and 4 Executive Committee Positions

The National Chair position and Four (of our five) Executive Committee Member positions opening up soon! The newly elected Chair and Executive Committee Members will serve from January 2016 through December 2017. Outgoing National Chair, Elizabeth Berger and outgoing Executive Committee Members;  Annette Delos-Santos, Chinling Chen, Danielle Cochran and Robin Gyorgyfalvy have served in their leadership roles.

Nominations are now open through Friday, October 30, 2015.  APAEA members who are permanent employees may nominate themselves or be nominated by other permanent employees for vacant positions.  If the Nominee plans to retire before the end of the 2 year term and he/she is elected, he/she may serve until the end of that term.  Nominee election statements, biographies and optional photos will be posted here on our webpage.  Members who have ran in previous elections are encouraged to run!

Candidate nominations must be submitted using the APAEA 2015 nomination form and sent to before midnight PST October, 30 2015.  

What to expect if elected

The Chair serves as the official spokesperson for the APAEA organization within the Forest Service and with external entities, identifies the format for meetings, discussions and decision-making and solicits feedback from Members on proposals, Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, issues, projects and opportunities.

Executive Committee Members (EC) provide counsel to the Chair.  The Chair may call on you to participate in special projects or Task Groups.  EC coordinates, manages and documents General and Special Meetings as well as manage communications, documentation and information-sharing among Membership. We generally hold monthly 1-2 hour conference calls and dedicate time between calls to make projects or events happen.  There is a quarterly all member call that you are encouraged to attend.

This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, enhance career development, support and learn about Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and create cross cultural awareness in the Forest Service and within our communities.

Please visit the APAEA Constitution and Bylaws for the official duties and more information on how our organization is run.

The Executive Committee is a very dedicated and dynamic group with great vision and lots of heart.

We hope you will consider joining us!!

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