Congratulations to Joan Louie and Robin Gyorgyfalvy for being elected to serve a two year term on the APAEA Executive Committee.  Joan Louie is our newest Executive Committee member, she is joining us from the Regional Office in R1.  Robin will be beginning her second term and works for the Deschutes National Forest in R6.  Both are very excited to serve you and are active on projects to engage APAEA members and the APA community.

Thank you to all who took the time to vote and provide comments through the member survey.  We had an excellent voter turnout!  Since we had recently completed a member suvey, the election survey question was optional.  We had 14 responses, ranging from ideas for a variety of projects to the need for improved outreach, recruitment, and retention. The Executive Committee and the APAEA Working Group are planning ways to address all the comments received in this survey and the last. You are encouraged to consider joining our Working Group. There is no commitment and we can always use the help! Please contact Chinling Chen for more information on the monthly calls and ways to get involved with this group.

We have a lot of exciting opportunities coming up. Please stay tuned for our first APAEA newsletter ( thanks to Felly Schaible!), more informational and leadership webinars and the FAPAC National Leadership Training Program , which will be held in Washington DC from May 4-7, 2015.

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