Danielle Cochran is the newest Executive Committee Member

2014 Special Election results announced (September 2014)

From Liz Berger, APAEA National Chair…

APAEA Members,

I am pleased to announce our newest Executive Committee Member.  Please join me in welcoming Danielle Cochran, Forest Products Financial Assistant from the Deschutes National Forest to your APAEA Executive Committee.  Congratulations Danielle!  We’re excited to have Danielle join us and are looking forward to having Danielle as part of our team.  She will serve on the Executive Committee through December 2015.

Thanks to those who participated in this year’s election – both to those who took the initiative to submit a nomination and those who voted and completed our member survey.  Special thanks also goes to Executive Committee Members, Wes Wong and Robin Gyorgyfalvy, for running this election. 

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