Voting Ends Friday: Special Election – Executive Committee Member

Reminder: Special Election voting closes 9/12/14, 11:59pm (Pacific).

Read candidate statements, bios, and other election info.

 (Member Forum -> APAEA Elections) 

Executive Committee candidates:

  • Hilda Kwan (Hydrologist, Upper Lake RD, Mendocino NF – R5)
  • Danielle Cochran (Forest Products Financial Assistant, Deschutes NF S.O. – R6)
  • Irvin Fox-Fernandez (Acting Asst. National Wildlife Ecologist, Wildlife Fisheries and Watershed group – WO)

If you have not received your ballot, please check your email filters. All members in good standing each received a unique ballot link via email. Contact Elections Team:

Complete elections info: Elections Page

Ballot also includes an short 3 question member questionnaire.

Your optional responses help APAEA better serve our members, the Forest Service, and APA communities:

  1. What would you like to see from APAEA in 2015 and 2016?
  2. What should the Forest Service leaders know about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders among the public we serve?
  3. Any other suggestions or feedback for APAEA? e.g. How has the APAEA network helped you? How can we improve our website? Do you have a favorite recipe you could share?

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