NEW Local HAPA’EA Chapter forms in Bend, Oregon

Hapa is a Hawaiian word that means crossing cultures. The Deschutes Experiment for cross cultural awareness began when HAPA’EA, a local chapter of APAEA was formed on the Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District in Bend, Oregon this past year. The interest and support shown by 20 charter members boosted the total number of APAEA members to 100 for the first time!

A Cross Cultural Awareness Speaker and Workshop Series was also initiated this year beginning with a presentation on the Development of National Forest Parks in China, a Japanese-American Internee telling her World War II story, a free to the public Haiku Highway Writing Workshop supporting cultural tourism on Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, and a new partnership with the Haiku Society of Central Oregon.

Plans for 2014 include revitalizing a City of Bend sister city relationship with a city in Japan, forming a sister forest relationship with a Pacific Island group, and creating opportunities for global partnerships and technology transfer through Forest Service International Programs.  For assistance in forming a local APAEA chapter on your District or Forest, contact APAEA Executive Committee member Robin Gyorgyfalvy at

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