Congratulations to our new executive committee member Robin Gyorgyfalvy! Annette Delos-Santos to serve as interim for the next few months.

Thanks to those who participated in this year’s election – both to those who took the initiative to be nominated and those who voted!  Our new APAEA executive committee member is Robin Gyorgyfalvy!  Given that executive committee member Aleta Eng is on maternity leave, Annette Delos-Santos has graciously agreed to fill in as interim executive committee member for the next several months while Aleta is enjoying her new arrival!  We’re excited to have Robin and Annette join us! 

APAEA will soon be initiating a working group to help further identify and implement projects members feel are important.  We’re seeking the energy and enthusiasm of election nominees and other interested members to join this group.  Stay tuned for more information!

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