Election resultsThanks for participating in this year’s elections for executive committee members!  Please welcome Liz Berger (for her second term) and Wes Wong (first term) to APAEA’s executive committee.  I would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to Whitney Esguerra for her service on the executive committee this past year!

Working with FAPACThe Asian Pacific American Employee Association (APAEA) is making connections and looking for some help!  The US Forest Service, with APAEA’s involvement, is working on having a booth and being a sponsor of the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) National Leadership Program May 6-10, 2013, in Long Beach, California.  We are also exploring the potential to host a panel discussion/workshop related to the Forest Service and careers.  If you are interested in attending this leadership training program and helping with our efforts to showcase the US Forest Service, please let us know! 

For those who may be interested in just attending for career development purposes, we’d also like to know.  Perhaps we can arrange a meet and greet there make acquaintances among normally far flung APAEA members!  It’s worth noting that the training program is approved by the Office of Personnel Management as appropriate for federal support and attendance.  Visit www.fapac.org for more information on FAPAC’s national leadership training program.

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